N W London Tai Chi

USung Chuan West London Tai Chi

Sifu Guishard has decades of teaching experience, and is now also teaching a West London Yang Style, Tai Chi class, specifically in Wembley.

Open to all

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn the techniques and practices which underpin an internal martial art or neijia (內家).  Classes are drop-in and suitable for all levels of expertise from beginner up and are conducted in a friendly & relaxed environment.  You can find more detail about our style of Tai Chi on our Tai Chi page.
More information is also available on our Facebook page.

Yellow Pavilion

Yellow Parking (off Engineer’s Way)

Tuesday 7:00 – 8:00pm

 £5 per class

Transport: The space is on the corner, just down the stairs (very close to the Stadium).  It is 10 mins walk from Wembley Park tube station. The 92 and the 206 buses stop right next to the space.

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