Sifu Guishard

Chief Instructor, Sifu Jeff Guishard

Sifu Guishard is the Sung Chuan Chief Instructor; with over 30 years background in martial arts he has a vast experience having trained with many great individuals.  Amongst other accolades, Sifu Guishard is a certified coach of GB Grappling (FILA).

Sifu Guishard teaches both Kung Fu and Tai Chi classes in West London.

Senior Instructor Durbal

Senior Instructor Margaret Durbal

Having trained with Sifu Guishard for over 20 years at the main club in West London, Instructor Durbal is now an assistant instructor at the club. Outside of class, she is a solicitor.

She has competed extensively over the years, with the following accolades:

  • Karate National Open Championships, ’95. Silver
  • Interclub National Championships – Forms, ’96. Gold
  • Interclub National Championships female sparring, ’96. Silver
  • Interclub National Competition – sparring, ’01. Gold 
  • BCCMA National Champion, sparring, ’03, ’04. Silver
  • BCCMA National Champion, sparring – Veteran, ’09. Silver
  • Chinese Full Contact- Amateur Kuo Shu Lei Tai, ’10. Silver

Senior Instructor Arash Shaeri

Sifu Quinn

Sifu Shane Quinn

Sifu Quinn is a 4th degree black belt instructor with the Sung Chuan Kung Fu system. He has trained with Sifu Guishard for over 20 years at the main club based in West London.  He has been teaching kung fu since 2003 and is the Biggleswade kung fu instructor.  He is also a secondary school science teacher.

He has won gold medals in many sparring and kickboxing competitions and has also coached several students to medal success at the BCCMA and MAASIF kickboxing competitions.

  • Tae Kwondo Cambridge Open 2002 Gold medal
  • BCCMA National Champion in Qing Da (semi-contact chinese kickboxing) in 2003, 2004 and 2006
  • BCCMA National Champion Qing Da Veteran Gold Medal 2013
  • BCCMA Northern Regional Champion in Qing Da (semi-contact chinese kickboxing) 2006
  • BCCMA British Championship 2006 runner up in San Shou (full-contact chinese kick boxing) Silver medal
  • WAKO Kickboxing Sheffield Open – full contact bronze medal.

Senior Instructor Neusa Neves

Cast in Angola, shaped in Lisbon & fired in London, Instructor Neves’ approach to Martial Arts reflects her creative and diverse background; inspired, focused and driven towards improvement.

As a sporting individual in youth, it was in Portugal where she first learnt the basics of fighting. She has been training Kung Fu since 1994 and in 2019 gained her 3rd degree black belt.

Instructor Neusa is as passionate about teaching as she is about her arts, having taught at the London College of Fashion as well as UAL where she represented the University as Ambassador for Diversity in Brasil.

The melding of senior students with the spirit of an animal is a beautiful thing to see.

Sifu Moss

Sifu Graham Moss

Sifu Moss, our New Cross instructor, is a 3rd degree black belt instructor with the Sung Chuan Kung Fu system. He studied Karate as a child, but took up Kung Fu in 2003.  He has been training with Sifu Guishard at Imperial College London since 2006, and before that trained with Sifu Matt Gross in Sussex.  He has been teaching in New Cross, South London since 2012.

Graham has competed in a number of sparring competitions, winning gold at the BCCMA National Championship in 2009 (Qingda under 80kg).