Tai Chi classes

Our club is one of the only offering this style of Tai Chi classes in London, but what is it?

Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient Chinese martial art dating back more than 800 years.

It is often described as an Internal martial art primarily because it was devised in China unlike Shaolin Kung Fu which was initially brought into China by the legendary Indian monk, Damo, but also because of Tai Chi’s emphasis on generating it’s speed and power through relaxation and the softening of tendons and muscles.

The Tai Chi Chuan practiced at our school is the Cheng Man-Ching Short Form, as taught by Grandmaster Huang Shen-Shyan. We include Grandmaster Huang’s 5 Loosening Exercises and Push Hands. Sifu Guishard is a student of Glenn Blythe (Australia). Glenn is a highly sort after teacher, and the Technical Advisor to the Sung Chuan Tai Chi and Kung Fu System.

Huang Sheng Shyan - Tai Chi MasterYin Yang - Tai Chi Classes Cheng Man-Ching - Tai Chi Master

Tai Chi Classes

◦ Tai Chi is gentle, graceful and powerful. A proven effective form of exercise.
◦ Helping to reduce stress, blood pressure, headaches and back problems are just some of the numerous benefits of Tai Chi practice.

Currently Tai Chi classes take place once a week in Wembley, see details here.  For further enquiries, fill out the form below: