Sek Koh Sam

Shaolin Monk Seh Koh San

Sung Chuan is a broad based martial arts system incorporating Shaolin Kung Fu and Chinese kick boxing. The training also emphasises the internal aspects of the art and includes Chi Kung breathing exercises and Tai Chi.

Classes are open to adults and children, catering for beginners through to students with previous experience of martial arts.

Shaolin Kung Fu, Sung Chuan (鬆拳 or Loose/Relaxed Fist), is a broad style incorporating the fundamental elements of Chinese martial arts. Students of Sung Chuan learn numerous techniques that provide them with the skills to defend themselves using strikes, locks, takedowns and common sense.

Traditional forms (sequences of movements) including animal forms like tiger, monkey and crane are taught and practiced. Weapons such as the staff, broad sword and spear are

Sifu Guishard

Sifu Jeff Guishard

also taught.

Students practice the ancient breathing methods known as Chi Kung (energy work). Chi Kung helps the practioner to cultivate his or her internal energy and develop concentration.

Sung Chuan students are encouraged to internalise their techniques using relaxation to maximise their power and speed. The Internals in the traditional forms and techniques of the system manifest as the student learns to soften and let go of unnecessary physical and emotional tension.

Shaolin Sung Chuan owes its origins partly to the teachings of the Shaolin Monk Seh Koh San (释高参) – Cho Si Seh Koh San taught a style known as Fat Gar Kun (佛家拳 or Buddhist Fist).

huang sheng shyan

Huang Sheng Shyan

Sung Chuan Kung Fu has also embraced the internal aspects of Kung Fu such as Chow Gar Tong Long (周家螳螂 or Southern Praying Mantis) with Tai Chi Chuan (太極拳) as taught by Huang Sheng-Shyan (黃性賢) playing an integral role, guided by Sifu Glenn Blythe.

Sifu Jeff Guishard is the Sung Chuan Chief Instructor; with over 30 years background in martial arts he has a vast experience having trained with many great individuals. New Cross instructor Graham Moss has been studying Kung Fu since 2003, many of those years with Sifu Guishard, and also holds a brown-belt in Shin Shin Kai karate.

We are a member of the British Council of Chinese Martial Arts (BCCMA) through which we provide comprehensive insurance for all of our students and instructors.

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