What you get from Kung Fu 2

Come along and enjoy yourself! At the same time improve your health and fitness through the art of Kung Fu!

The challenge that learning a martial art presents to an individual is rarely appreciated when starting – it’s unlikely that most people, when presented with the number of hours that are required to reach a good degree of proficiency, would take on this challenge. That people do continue to train is a testament to just how much both the process and social inclusion offers to individuals. Grading sessions expose local clubs to the wider Sung Chuan Kung Fu system, especially to senior students who demonstrate inspirational levels of dedication and perseverance. These individuals serve as a reminder and aspirational target for what can be achieved through hard-work and commitment.

The training occurs in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, but respect and traditional etiquette is also maintained.

As a member of the British Council of Chinese Martials Arts (BCCMA) we provide comprehensive insurance for all of our students and instructors.